Sehwan Kim (Paul), PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Biomedical Engineering, College of Medicine,
Vice Director, Beckman Laser Institute Korea Foundation,
Dankook University, Republic of Korea

The research of the iThings Labratory, leaded by Professor Sehwan Kim (go by 'Paul') is focused on creating i-world by "drawing" intelligence on an environment that can literally "perceive" its surroundings and "act" autonomously to customize a person's needs by integrating systems into our daily lives.
General Interests:
- Low-power circuits and systems design,
- iThings-based wireless sensors and systems,
- Medical devices using biophotonics,
- Efficient power and energy harvesting

I consider myself a researcher on embedded systems, with an emphasis on the following topics:
    > iThings Platforms for wireless sensing, medical devices, energy harvesting including both hardware and software
    > Low Power design forwireless sensors, efficient power converter, energy harvesters using supercapacitor-based storage, and
       power optimization for medical devices
    > Applications of embedded systems, including biomedical engineering, diffuse optical spectroscopy, civil engineering, and power
       and energy
Contact Information
Address : office #rm 141, Lab #rm527
                  Biomedical Engineering at College of Medicine of Dankook University,
                  119, Dandae-ro, Dongnam-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungnam-do, South Korea, 31116
Tel : +82 (41) 550-3966    E-mail    
Office Hours:
Mon. 10:00am-11:30am, Thr. 1:00pm-3:00pm.   Driving Directions
- Publications, Google Scholar statistics, Research Gate  profile
- Overview
- Current Funding:
  o (1/2017~12/2018) Principal Investigator, COMPA (funded by MSIT) on Technology upgrade R&D program,
  o (7/2018~6/2022) Co-Investigator, NRF (funded by MSIT) on Leading Foreign Research Institute Recruitment Program
     (Nonprofit BLI-Korea Corporation)
- Previous Projects
  o (12/2012~7/2018) Co-Investigator, NRF (funded by MSIT) on Leading Foreign Research Institute Recruitment Program (BLI-Korea)
  o (9/2015~8/2018) Principal Investigator, NRF (funded by MSIT) on Young Research Program,
  o (12/2015~11/2016) Principal Investigator, NRF (funded by MSIP) on Global R&D cooperation and exchange Program,
  o (7/2015~1/2016) Principal Investigator, LINC-NRF, Development of artificial disc replacement system for posterior approach,
  o Research & Business Development (NRF, funded by MOE: 10/2015 - 1/2016)
  o Development of Prototype of Device for MIS (: 5/2014 - 1/2015)
  o NIST : Next Generation SCADA for Prevention and Mitigation of Water System Infrastructure Disaster (NIST: 4/09 - 3/13)
  o Design and Fabrication of an Energy Harvesting Module of Power the Borin DART Remote Monitoring Interrogation System
     (NAVFAC: 11/2011~6/2012)
  o Infant Sleep Environment Monitoring System (SEMS) for SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) (NIH: 7/12 - 6/13)
About Services
- Technical Program Committee, ASP-DAC 2015~2017
- Technical Program Committee, Design Automation Conference 2016~2017
- Journal Reviewer, IEEE Embedded Systems Letters (2011), IEEE Transaction on Power
  Electronics (2012), IEEE Sensors Journal (2012), Smart Structures and Systems
  (2012~3,2015),Structure and Infrastructure Engineering (2015) and MDPI sensors (2015).
- Invited Speaker, International Workshop on Adaptive Power Management with Machine Intelligence in conjunction with ICCAD
  San Jose, CA, November, 2011-11-30
  2017 KPS Spring Meeting, An Innovative Approach to Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy and Imaging for Smart Healthcare Platforms
  DaeJeon, S.Korea, April, 2017
  2017 OSK Winter Meeting, A Compact Untethered Multi-Wavelength Tissue Monitoring Systems Based on CW NIR Techniques,
  Pyeogchang, S.Korea, Feburary, 2017
- President of Korean Graduate Students Association @ UC, Irvine , 2010/2011
- 2013: Low Power Design Contest, International Symposium on Low Power Electronic and Design (ISLPED):
  “Energy harvesting from anti-corrosion sources”
- 2016: Chancellor's Best Teaching Award, Dankook University, South Korea.
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